Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sylveon's Type

I know this may seem a bit late, but since Sylveon was announced on Valentine's Day, I've been wondering about its' type. I would love a dragon type Eeveelution, but I'm not sure we'll ever get one, so for me that leaves two plausible options. It could be Flying, characterised by the fact it's lighter than all other Eeveelutions and that it has ribbons wrapped around its neck, or it could be Normal, which is my opinion (I understand I am in the minority). I have two reasons for this. I believe a Normal type eeveelution would be awesome, like a supercharged eevee, thus giving Eevee a normal 'level up' evolution as well. Also I'm intrigued about its colourisation. It has colours that are similar to other normal types, like Skitty and Audino. Anyway, there's my opinion, what about yours?