Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Old Games

I started my Pokemon journey with Pokemon Sapphire. Since then I've owned at least two games from every generation. The only games I have left are Soulsilver, White and White 2. Here's a list of the games I have owned, and the first starter I used.

  • Sapphire (Treecko) 
  • Diamond (Turtwig)
  • Pearl (Piplup)
  • HeartGold (Totodile)
  • SoulSilver (Cyndaquil)
  • White (Tepig)
  • White 2 (Oshawott)
Yeah, I just wrote that in case anyone who reads this blog was interested, and to show I apparently have no preference as to which type I prefer, really. I haven't completed most of those games but I did end up completing Sapphire at least 10 times with a different starter each time. (Yes, I love sapphire like no other game ever, so they better make a remake. NOW)

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